Department of Agricultural and Life Science
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From Genome Science to Food Production

Research and education have been dramatically enhanced by the rapid development of agricultural and life sciences. In that regard, activities at our division includes education and research to transfer acquired knowledge “from Genome Science to Food Production”. Hence, current work at our division includes education and research in life science fields such as:

  • Functional analysis of genome and epigenome
  • Development of frontier technologies for crop and livestock breeding
  • Investigation of yet-to-be-known functions in plants and animals
  • Investigation of interactions between plants and animals with pathogenic organisms and use of this knowledge for the prevention of disease
  • Understanding biodiversity and its preservation
  • Marketing and distribution of agricultural products

Through education and training in the above fields, we are aiming to foster highly educated professionals who can skillfully apply cutting edge technology and research advancements in agricultural and life sciences.

Laboratory list

Our division consists of 13 laboratories and covers wide range of research fields. Most of the laboratory have at least two principal investigators and each of them is peforming an unique reserach using state-of-the-art techniques.

Biofunction Science

Plant PathologyLaboratory website Seiji Tsuge
Gento Tsuji
Plant Genome BiologyLaboratory website Atsushi Fukushima
Soichirou Satoh
Genetic EngineeringLaboratory website Takehiro Masumura
Shigeto Morita
Plant Organic Chemistry Toshinari Kawada
Animal ScienceLaboratory website Yusaku Iwasaki
Animal HygieneLaboratory website Yasuhiro Tsukamoto
Kohji Miyazaki
Molecular NutritionLaboratory website Yasutomi Kamei
Tohru Saeki